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Engaging with potential candidates and influencing them to consider the role you have to offer is THE biggest challenge in sourcing today. How do you get a person, who believes he is living his best life, working in his dream job, loving his colleagues, enjoying a good salary AND working close to home, to consider what YOU think is going to be an even better life for him?

As a trainer for advanced sourcing methodologies, I can talk about the high-level guidelines and best practices of the initial engagement until I am blue in the face. The fact is…NO ONE knows what kind of format really works best, and even if it’s possible, it’s probably very specific per role, per company, per candidate. Conversion rates are many times frustrating for most of us.

I’m pressing the “pause” button here for a sec and taking you down another path…It will come full circle soon, I promise..:-)

In addition to my advanced sourcing activities, I meet with founders of international HR Tech startups on a regular basis. I am especially attracted to new sourcing and recruiting technologies, and anything that is or will disrupt the market. I attended several international HR Tech events and had the honor to judge in several international HR Tech competitions. However, although I have seen many interesting solutions, I have yet to encounter any solution that made my heart skip a beat and my eyes sparkle, especially when it comes to generating higher conversion rates – source to hire.

Until last week!

Bob, a people management platform with offices in London and Tel Aviv, invited the VP HRs of Wix, Fiverr and SBTech and myself to be judges in their in-house . Their employees were challenged to come up with new features for the platform. The London office was remotely present.

The ambiance was amazing, and the company’s culture and vibe was apparent all over the place. The suggestions were all spot on, and if it was up to me, I’d add all of them.
The winner, Victor Bronstein, enabled easier interactions with Slack from within Bob, and kudos to him! But it was another idea (presented by their Lead Data Scientist, Adina Lederhendler and her team, Chen Swissa, Rinat Shemer, Dana Zelniker and Tomer Sela) that made my heart skip a beat and my eyes sparkle! 

Their idea was: “How can Bob help customers (companies) convince candidates to accept a position?”
I immediately understood the implications, not only on how to impact a potential candidate last minuteת before he/she decides whether to sign with the company, but also on candidate experience, and mostly, on the initial engagement with potential candidates.

To-date, engagement emails are being either personalized and sent manually (takes a lot of time and effort) or automated for bulk delivery.  Not to mention that a LinkedIn inmail provides very little space to impress the reader.  Another factor in sourcing success has a lot to do with the company’s brand.

The novelty here is that their platform, which is already loaded with information the employees shared about themselves, will automate sending an email from within the platform containing cool details, portraying the company’s DNA (company photos, employee testimonials, growth statistics and a lot of other important and fun stats) or as I see it, relevant customized information per role. You can see in the example below.
"hr tech" sourcing "oureach emails" engagement "candidate experience" hibob "people platform"The point is to trigger a genuine emotional feeling (which is what we strive for in our initial correspondence) of what it’s REALLY like to be a part of the team and the company. As a 2017 Gallup SOAW states: “Candidates want to work for companies that provide solid footing and are poised for growth. The more stable they view the organization, the more likely they may be to see a future with it. To demonstrate stability in their brand, organizations can share their history of steady growth or their vision for future growth.”

Yes, I have seen a lot of systems that enable automation of emails from within them (advanced sourcing tools, ATSs, candidate follow-up applications, etc.), but none of them, and I apologize if I am not aware of it, look as good as this one and share the company’s culture as well as this feature could. Think of the endless options to customize and use the information the employees have added unto the platform!  (Note: I was told that some marketing tools have something similar. Makes sense!)

I don’t believe that Adina and her team fully understand the importance of the “feature” they came up with and how it can impact “the future of engagement”. I believe it totally unlocks the next stage in candidate engagement.

Even if the idea did not win the hackathon , I want to encourage her and Bob to take it forward and enable their customers (companies) to offer their potential candidates a never-seen-before, exciting, first engagement experience and enable us, sourcers, recruiters and HR managers to send a FANTASTIC, fully automated message and generate improved conversion rates.

Good job!!


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