Six Israeli HR Tech Startups Selected for AKT’s Accelerator

2 weeks into their journey, it seems everyone is beyond content!


Six Israeli HR Tech startups, were selected to participate in the first Israeli HR Tech Accelerator. They started their journey two weeks ago and I wanted to check up on them and find out how it’s going and if they were feeling they made the right choice. And it definitely seems they are…

Orel Gilad, Co-founder & CEO of NexCV – “The program so far is very professional & practical, and it makes us rethink a few elements in our product and business model. It’s a lot of fun being “in the same boat” as other founders, which you call tell have great passion and motivation to build a meaningful company.”

Jacob (Kobi) Barac, Co-founder & CTO of – “Speaking for myself, the experience until now, is amazing.The organization is exemplary, the preparation and the professionalism of all involved, including start-ups, is very impressive in relation to other accelerators. It is clear that the lecturers and the chosen topics were carefully selected and there is a sense of significant value. Akt has shared their ecosystem with us and it’s impressive.”

Gilad Grushka – Co-founder & VP R&D of Glean Labs – “We feel like AKT Labs is the perfect place for any early stage HR Tech startup.The program content and roadmap is very professional. AKT people know the HR space inside and out, and even after two weeks we feel how we’ve improved in terms of focus and action items for market validation, value proposition, and go-to-market.
In addition to sharing AKT’s extensive experience and understanding of the HR world, AKT Labs makes introduction to top-notch individuals in the space. We feel fortunate to be able to be part of this amazing program!

Shiran Yaroslavsky – Co-Founder & CEO at Cassiopeia Tech – “So far the experience in AKT labs is exceeding our expectations. The accelerator team invests a lot of efforts to provide the most customized and professional help for every startup. The team helps us significantly and supports us in refining our business models and product using highly professional mentors, speakers and active coaching.”

AKT about the first cohort day : “It was a fantastic day, and the group proved itself bright, talented, engaged and enthusiastic – just what you would expect of this wonderful startup entrepreneurs”.

In the first stage of program, the teams will be working, on validating their problem-solution fit, meet their customers and pin point their unique value proposition, in preparation for their first major milestone events; Industry Day, 12th of August, where the teams will present to and get feedback from a large group of HR practitioners and market experts.

In the past few days, the startups prioritized and selected their preferred mentors.

These are the Israeli HR Tech startups participating in the program:

Whizor israeli "hr tech" hrtechWhizor promotes individual’s career development by allowing individuals immediate mobile access to virtual career coaching sessions (group or 1:1). For career counsellors, they offer a variety of promotion tools to reach their audiences and cater to untapped markets/segments.
CEO – Keren Raviv  CMO – Adi Bengal Dotan

glean labs israeli hrtech "hr tech"Glean Labs is a platform that automatically maps organizational skills and knowledge, by integrating with the company’s procedural and collaboration systems. They create searchable employee profiles for staffing, sourcing, workforce planning and knowledge sharing.
CEO – Arik Waldman   co-founder & VP R&D – Gilad Grushka

quali.fitWith Quali.Fit, every recruitment agency can monetize its pool of talents by creating their own branded ‘Employers & Candidates Marketplace’ on top of their existing database. The result is a personalized and engaging experience for their candidates, with customers getting direct access to candidates’ anonymous profiles.
CEO – Asaf Paz  CTO- Kobi Barac

nexcv israeli hrtech "hr tech"In a world where the majority of candidates are passive, the best way to reach them is through social channels. However, it takes a lot of skills and experience to become an effective social media expert. Nexcv offers an automatic recruitment marketing platform, that creates & manages targeted recruitment campaigns on multiple social channels. You supply us with a job description – we take care of the rest.
CEO – Orel Gilad   CTO – Oren Kedem

spetz israeli hr tech "HR tech"Spetz is a platform for the screening of candidates with limited experience. Using a machine learning based screening process that uses personality analysis data, academic achievements analysis and a referral system, Spetz allows employers to screen candidates according to their potential, rather than their past experience or academic grades.
CEO – Yam Dvir  CMO – Yael Florenthal  CPO – Alon Slutzky

cassiopeia israeli "hr tech" hrtechCassiopeia provides unique data driven solution that prevents offensives behaviors in the workplace. Cassiopeia’s solution helps to empower the HR and managers with data, in order to create safe work environment. 55% of the Israeli employees experienced bullying in the workplace per year.
40% of Israeli women experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Less than 15% of employees report about offensives behaviors. In the upcoming year, in an average 1,000 employees company,  56 employees will leave due to sexual harassment and bullying.
Cassiopeia uses People Analytics and machine learning to proactively detect and predict risks for offensive behaviors and provide actionable insights, while using the highest levels of data security and privacy.
Cassiopeia has clients from Israel and Europe and is now expending to the US.
CEO – Shiran Yaroslavsky   CPO – Tomer Laszlo


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