5 Bullhorn partners’ tools that can boost your productivity in 2019


Bullhorn is a lifesaving Applicants Tracking System (ATS) that every recruiting firm should use. If you’re already using it, you might want to consider the following 3rd-party “add-ons” tools. These will definitely help boost your productivity by making the process of recruitment faster and more efficient!

1.      Quali.fit for Bullhorn

With “Quali.fit for Bullhorn” it’s super-easy. All you have to do is select the qualified candidates and click on ‘Engage via Quali.fit”. And the selected candidates will get a link to the opportunity via a text message or an email. Now they can go through the details and accept or reject the opportunity – and whatever they selected, or even if they ignore the opportunity, the recruiter is instantly notified through Bullhorn.

In the busy schedule of a staffing agent, sending out messages to every single candidate is a complete hassle and usually, leads to poor candidate experience.

In my opinion, the holy grail of Quali.fit is the beautifully designed candidate web app that provides an outstanding candidate experience that dramatically increases the candidates’ response rate – in our case, it increased the response rate by more than 90%.

2.      Ebsta for Bullhorn

Recruiters who are interested in finding suitable candidates on job boards, LinkedIn or any other source on the web will find great use for Ebsta. The platform integrates your Google Chrome with Bullhorn meaning your day-to-day activities are easily updated on your company’s Bullhorn. Ebsta keeps your Bullhorn requirements in focus in order to give you the most suitable options. The effectiveness of this add-on offers you one-click access to your Bullhorn.

You can also use Ebsta to push information from your Microsoft Outlook & Microsoft Word to Ebsta.

3.      Broadbean Post

Posting jobs on multiple platforms is very time-consuming. With Broadbean, you can do this mundane task effectively with one click. Hundreds of job openings can be posted to various job boards in Europe, USA, Australia as well as Asia. Since your Bullhorn will be connected with Broadbean, any applications received from Broadbean can be viewed and tracked on Bullhorn.

4.      DaXtra Capture

DaXtra Capture connects with your Bullhorn platform & analyses candidate resumes based on your requirements. Information of the suitable candidates is automatically updated on your Bullhorn database. Email addresses, network folders, website portals, and other important information is organized on your Bullhorn to save you time. Best of all, there is no repetition of candidates!

5.      CloudCall

Connecting with candidates through call and SMS has never been easier! CloudCall allows you click to dial with an outbound dialer or to text candidates (SMS) right from Bullhorn.

You can store call recording and SMS history on your Bullhorn. If you want more actionable features, Cloudcall is a must-have add-on.

To conclude, as most of you know, the recruiting industry is going through significant changes. We need to fight hard to get the talents and it’s not going to get easier. We should use any available tool at our disposal to remain competitive, and these Bullhorn add-ons do just that.

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