10 Israeli HR Tech Startups to Watch


Israel is famous for being the Startup Nation. Around 5,000 startups are alive and running.
It seems more and more Israeli entrepreneurs want a piece of the HRTech pie, understanding the impact technology will have on this industry. Of the 5,000 active startups, several dozens are bringing innovative solutions in the recruiting and HR industries. HiBob ($17.5M), Woo ($7M) and Workey ($8M) were among the startups that received global notice during 2017. This post and upcoming ones will introduce more great startups into the collective HR mind…

By using the apps in the following list you can address diversity as it happens in your company, learn more about your candidates by the photos they upload on FB and have your people co-design the organizational network according to their needs. You can have your chatbot chat with potential candidates and match them a role, either the one they applied to or another one that could be a better option or give your tech candidates a new and empowering process, shutting out unnecessary noise. You can globally manage your payroll in a click. Give your employees the best onboarding experience. And if it’s a great onboarding experience you are looking for, what about being able to find the right mentors for your employees, within the company? And how does recruiting for success based on the company’s winning DNA sound to you?
And last but not least, recruitment agencies, there is something in there for you too! You can upscale your game and join the technological revolution!

The startups appear in no particular order:

Emerj is a SaaS platform democratizing mentoring in the workplace. In a world where the number one demand from talent isn’t salary but opportunities for professional development – the lack of which costs organizations (in the US alone) over $160B – it’s time for a solution that makes mentoring and knowledge-sharing scalable and accessible.

Emerj uses the untapped resource that is the knowledge and experience of people inside the company in order to solve that. For employees – the smart matching algorithm provides the access they need to the most relevant people who can provide mentoring and advice, discreetly. For the organization, the Emerj dashboard allows them – for the first time – to track trends and burning issues inside the company in real time, thus keeping the pulse of the company’s health and making smarter, data-driven decisions.

These days, they are starting deployment at Fortune 500 companies in North America and globally (with rising tech companies on our waiting list), and raising their pre-seed.

  • My take – Judging on the speed in which this startup and the idea of mentoring has gained so many fans in such a short time, suggests a real need for it.

Quali.fitQuali.fit is enabling recruiting agencies to manage their own branded marketplace – and empower their clients with a cutting-edge self-service technology.

During the last several years, recruiting agencies have been experiencing a radical change in the expectations and habits of their candidates and customers, their margins are eroding with their users’ satisfaction on a constant drop while struggling to keep up with an accelerating pace of the employment industry. Many recruiting companies are being replaced or pushed aside by the new and emerging technologies that offer better user experience and enable faster recruitment processes, with more control and less effort. These technologies are causing fragmentation of the recruitment market, with many of them actually becoming new and improved recruitment service providers by themselves.

With Quali.Fit every recruitment agency can monetize its pool of talents in a new way by creating their own branded ‘Employers & Candidates Marketplace’  on top of their existing database. The result is a personalized and engaging experience for their candidates, with customers getting direct access to anonymous candidates profiles. Quali.fit empowers recruitment agencies, enabling them to leverage their domain expertise, years of experience and the huge pool of talent they have, while using the superpowers of automation, A.I. and outstanding user experience.

  • My take – Recruitment agencies are on the brink of extinction. Their competitors are in-house recruiters, using the latest sourcing and recruiting technologies. If they want to stay relevant, they need to step up their game and this is the type of technology that elevates and positions them as leaders providing value added services. 

Personity’s smart algorithms translate a user’s digital footprint into an authentic, professional personality assessment. While recruiters see the high value of personality assessments in the recruitment process, currently, they’re only used in senior positions and for small numbers of candidates (usually 2-3). This is due to high cost (hundreds of dollars), time (up to 2 weeks), and personal bias (candidates take personality tests to get the job, rather than to show who they are).
The process is completely transparent for candidates that receive their assessment and have the option to comment on its finding. Additionally, the use of Personity protects users’ privacy by not disclosing any private data to potential employers and by deleting all data once the assessment is complete.

Personity also allows enterprises with thousands of employees in similar positions (i.e. call centers agents) to find the personality traits that are common among top performers. With this information, they’re able to screen future candidates based on these traits and increase the chances of hiring additional top performers.

  • My take – There is great value in being able to derive information from candidate’s social media photos. For now….We are still not thinking of manipulating our digital footprint, so this can be considered an authentic source. 

Meet Jenna. Jenna is an Artificial Intelligence driven platform  – Chatbot – that helps you hire great talents faster and in a CV-less process, utilizing NLP and Machine Learning.
Jenna allows candidates to discover and apply for different open positions. Opening a whole new hiring channel, that will generate a significant flow of candidates. Jenna is a powerful solution that helps you screen faster and discover the real fit of the candidates in a fast and automated way. Candidates love Jenna it allows them to understand better what required, helps both sides avoid wasting time and shortens the hiring process!

  • My take – Chatbots are definitely the next revolution in the recruiting world. There are quite a few out there, but what makes a real difference sometimes is the team driving this product. And I am super impressed with this one

Bob is a SaaS, HR and benefits platform that gives businesses an innovative and improved way to connect with their employees.

The founders are serial entrepreneurs who, after years of leadership and managerial roles in high-growth start-ups, realized that many companies don’t invest enough in their single most important strategic asset: the people who make up the company.

Bob’s goal is to streamline the daily administrative tasks, have a smart mobile app improve employees’ experiences, have a friendly onboarding experience, create a personalized benefits store and launch survey tools. Decision makers can harness the rich real-time data and valuable insights in bob to help employees connect to the people they work with, wherever they are.

The company was founded in 2015. With offices in London and Tel Aviv, their 75 employees are on a mission to improve the workplace. And so far, hundreds of companies can attest to exactly that!

  • My take – One of the BEST UIs out there! During all the time I’ve seen their demo, I thought I was surfing the internet not spending time in an HR app. This is a FAR CRY  from what we are used to in the olden’ ATSs..

Woo is a platform for tech talent to be discovered and matched with relevant job opportunities while remaining completely discreet.

The technology creates an extremely efficient process, eliminating searching and filtering from both sides.A match is made only the when mutual requirements are met, and the company only sees the candidate once interest is shown in the opportunity.

Woo has over 30,000 techies, and on the other side companies of all types and sizes including Lyft,  Quora, Wix, Uber, Microsoft and many others to match them with.

  • My take  – It’s a great platform to shorten the recruiting process. They boast great stats on the EFFECTIVENESS of their process, 1 of 2 (!) candidates start an interview process in the company.

Papaya Global is the leading Global HRIS platform designed to improve payroll management for companies experiencing international growth. Their solution meets the global payroll needs of companies of all sizes. By simplifying complex global payroll management processes, Papaya is able to help companies transition from the traditionally paperwork-heavy model to a fully automated one.

Their secure cloud-based technology is enhanced thanks to cutting-edge artificial and business analytics capabilities, providing a comprehensive all-in-one platform that grows with your company needs.

By automating tasks and reducing errors to zero, Papaya is able to ensure complete regulatory compliance in over 90 countries, including comprehensive GDPR coverage.

  • My take – Simplifying what used to be such complex payroll systems, is a good thing…Especially nowadays when many workforces are distributed throughout the globe.

How to design an agile, dynamic, and networked organization? StarLinks, a data-driven self-development platform, offers an innovative solution in which your people co-design the organizational network according to their needs! Using crowdsourced data and Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), StarLinks guides all members of your organization in building effective value-creation networks. With all people working to better their impact, exposure, and connectivity, an effective organizational network emerges.
Moreover, StarLinks provides HR and management with insightful analytics enabling them to support and guide the overall network. Bringing together people and data, StarLinks aligns all moving parts in the organization to co-design how work gets done.

  • My take – Welcome to the new era where the power of running an organization is also given back to the employees. People Analytics rules! Crowdsourcing is one of my favs.

What’s more ground-breaking than tackling issues in the company at the moment they occur? Joonko, does exactly that – it’s a real-time diversity and inclusion coach for companies. The moment an unconscious (or conscious) bias event is identified in the company, it can be dealt with and solve it on the spot.
This way real diversity, inclusion and belonging in companies can be pushed to the next level, with the aid of AI, in real-time, while delivering measurable results that can move the needle for our customers.

The company was founded early 2016. Aubrey Blanch (Global Head of D&I @ Atlassian) and Baat Enosh (Director of Strategy & Innovation @ Intuit) are board members. (Techstars ‘16, Salesforce Incubator ‘17)

  • My take – This sounds almost like utopia…Give me ONE reason why you wouldn’t want to have a company where real time bias is addressed on the spot?

Empirical Hire helps companies screen for the most suitable talent based on algorithms.
The company developed a pre-hire screening test that uses Machine-Learning algorithms to empower companies to make Data Driven decisions in hiring.
Their algorithms assist you in screening for the most suitable talent that will stay the longest and avoid less suitable talent.They do so by closing the loop between the screening test and actual employees’ performance data. Their algorithms use existing employees’ performance data to constantly adjust the screening test in order to provide greater prediction rates in hiring. Essentially, their algorithms assist in identifying the future job candidates that resemble the current top performers.
In contrast to traditional pre-hire tests, their test is dynamic. It Constantly adjusts itself based on the algorithms’ analysis of actual performance data.
In Coca Cola they’ve improved screening accuracy by over 40%.

  • My take – We need to thank our “gut” for its good service over the years and start making decisions based on data. While there are those who will argue if building homogenous teams is the way to go, others will definitely like to discover the company’s successful DNA and multiply it by ten-fold. The fact it’s always learning and adjusting, keeps it constantly relevant.




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