Join me in my journey to Virtual Reality in remote work!


VR will have a huge impact on remote work and is already impacting candidate and employee experiences

Two days ago, I received my VR Oculus headset and I can safely say that for me there’s life before VR and after VR. Yes. It’s THAT awesome.

2018, at UNLEASH, was my first close encounter with VR.
Actiview, an Israeli startup company dedicated to enhance employee assessments and training by using VR invited me to try out their product. It was then that I KNEW that VR was going to have a huge impact in the workplace.

I realize some of you may think it’s somewhat outrageous on my part to speak about VR in such turbulent times, but innovation and progress waits for no one and what’s more, I believe VR may be the answer to some of the challenges imposed by the sudden urgency for remote work.

VR development is moving faster now than it has in the last ten years. The Ericsson 2019 Research “10 hot Consumer Trends” states that more than 50% of the people surveyed, imagine the difference between physical and digital reality almost disappearing by 2030.

VR is not just a fad. And it is definitely not only about games. It is also all about remote work, assessing potential candidates, on-boarding new and remote employees, keeping them engaged with company culture, training and development, fighting bias in the workplace and a lot more.

I decided to share my journey with VR for those of you in the industry, recruiters and HRs, who may be interested in taking REMOTE WORK a step further and don’t know where and how to start.

My first advice to you is – learn all that you can. If you want to promote usage of VR in the workplace, you better experience it first hand. Only that way you will be able to understand the ways VR can contribute and impact the company’s productivity as well as your candidate and employee experiences.

It starts with buying a VR headset. There are several kind of headsets. You can read about them here. I bought the Oculus Quest for 499 USD (There’s talk about a new Oculus in production). Added the earplugs for Quest for 19 USD.

The UI of the VR headset itself is quite self-explanatory and user friendly. I wasn’t sure where to find the apps I was interested in…and lots of questions that I needed answers for….especially, where is the freakin’ EXIT from the app? (answer:non-existent..) So I joined VR related FB groups such as :
1. Oculus VR community
2. Oculus VR central
People there are incredibly supportive to newbies!

Even though I am familiar with innovative technical terminology, VR is totally a new domain where, immersed worlds, merged or mixed realities, virtual displays, codec or AI powered avatars, teleporting, holographic space,  3D holographic feed and Social VR –  rule . And that’s only a very short list of terms..…

VR was Corona’s gift to me (that and quarantine…) and the time I had, I also spent in:
1.  Joining VR webinars
2.  Reading a lot about VR, research too.
3.  Joining FB groups such as VR News
4.  Downloading remote work VR apps such as Immersed and Spatial try to get the hang of a virtual desktop need to connect/pair your desktop to VR)
5.  Understanding the importance of avatars and digital humans and the role they will play in remote work and how to create your own. For example UneeQ
6. Created a google news alert about anything and everything VR.

VR is breathtaking. It is even more than that. I am quite sure I heard the angels sing at one point…I was feeling totally elated while being immersed in the whole experience.. Mind blowing really. Especially when I participated in a multi user scenario and was approached by someone’s avatar to say hello…

Not everything was so fabulous…The immediate obvious downside was that the Oculus Quest headset is a bit on the heavy side. My neck began to protest…I wear glasses…If I wear them with the headset, it is somewhat uncomfortable…but still, this is an unforgettable experience and so it will be for everyone involved when you incorporate it in work environments.

I feel that the discussion about VR in the workplace deserves it’s own platform, separately from HR Tech which is why I launched the FB group “VR in the workplace“. Feel free to join. VR companies with remote work related solutions are welcome to join and present their products, so we can all learn what’s out there. and how it will transform remote work and the workplace.

By the way, the Global HR Summit will be hosted on a VR platform – Altspace – Which is one of the VR platforms out there hosting live events.

My next post will be about VR players in the remote work scene.

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