Don’t want to be caught with your pants down again?


COVID-19 is our wake-up call. However terrible the Coronavirus is, this is only a drill. Next time will be the real thing.
We’ve been warned.

This is a graph depicting the exponential growth of the COVID-19.

And this is a graph depicting the exponential growth of technologies.
(“Law of Accelerating Returns” and me talking about it)

Do you see the similarities?

All of this demonstrates how the same catastrophe we are currently experiencing with the coronavirus worldwide — compounded by exponential growth — will soon impact technologies, affecting our jobs in the recruitment industry.

Yet, the situation is even worse.

Why worse? Because coronavirus is only ONE “entity.” The exponential growth of technology is accomplished not only by “ONE artificial intelligence,” but it’s the CONVERGENCE and INTEGRATION of several technologies TOGETHER. This includes quantum computing, nanotechnology, robotics, biotechnology, VR, AR, 3D printing, and more. They all affect each other and overlap.

While up until now each exponential growth pattern was experienced independently, they will now begin to converge with each other. This overlap will “produce tsunami-sized behemoths that threaten to wash away most everything in their path” (“The Future is Faster Than You Think,” Peter Diamantis & Steve Kotler, 2020). This is when the REAL disruption comes in and erases everything as we know it.

We have all invested our time discussing the implications of artificial intelligence on our jobs and our industry. HR Tech is NOT DISRUPTING the job market. It’s merely a logical development of taking current practices and AI and growing into the next phase. It is the same state of mind, only somewhat upgraded. As I see it, it is now a myriad of features and practices, waiting to be integrated into something that will be much more than the sum of its components.

When presenting theories about exponential technology growth and its effect on the recruitment and HR industry, it’s easy to deflect from the topic. It’s too hard to understand and detached from what’s going on today. That has been going on for the past 3 years. But we know from experience the PAIN of being caught off guard — forced into a reality you’re not prepared for. Hell, some of us never even used Zoom and have only now learned how to use it properly.

So, how do we make sure this doesn’t happen again?

For one, I prefer that, instead of spending time reassuring ourselves that “robots won’t take our jobs,” we learn from what we are experiencing right now and how we were caught “with our pants down.”

We need to buckle up, stop whining, and stop sitting on the fence.
This is the ONLY WAY to open our mind to facts, figures, and theories.
We all need to EXPAND our awareness and our knowledge. Adapt a growth mindset.
It’s the very least we can do.
Each one of us needs to take matters into our own hands and make learning a priority.
This is not a lip service. We should set time aside to learn and make it part of our daily agenda. Like brushing our teeth.
Luckily, there are quite a few great HR Tech learning platforms, such as Degree, not to mention all the other online courses. Or simply read a book about the future.

COVID-19 is our wake-up call. However terrible the coronavirus is, this is only a drill for the HR industry.
Next time will be the real thing.
We’ve been warned.

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