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HRTechnation:  Tell me a bit about yourself and how you connect to HR innovation.

"Bas van haterd" "TA live" Amsterdam "HR Tech" "HR innovation"Bas:  My name is Bas van de Haterd and I’m from the Netherlands. I was the first Dutch HR blogger, focusing mainly on recruitment. I was the first to deliver a Linkedin recruitment training in the Netherlands…just as an example to show what an early adapter I am in nature..Linkedin was kind of a “new technology” back then. I’ve always been interested to see what technology can do to improve our lives, and since work is such an important part of life, that’s what I chose to focus on.

HRTechnation:  TA Live! Tell us more about it.

Bas:  Yes, this is the first year we are hosting Talent Acquisition Live. My co-organiser Martijn, has been organising the HR Technology event in the Netherlands for the past several years, as well as several other recruitment events. I myself have been hosting a big Dutch event on the candidate experience for 12 years now. For this event I’ve been doing a research into corporate career websites. I’ve actually recently published a white paper with quick wins  – Anyway, Martijn and I decided to join forces and host an international event this year. We want to show the Dutch recruitment scene what the rest of the world is doing in terms of innovation in technology, as well as strategies and processes.

HRTechnation: Who are the attendees? Mostly HRs? Recruiters? HR Tech founders?

Bas: Most attendees will be working in corporate recruitment, some staffing firms and of course there are the HR tech companies, taking part in the exhibition.

HRTechnation: Tell us a little about the content, what can we expect to learn at TA Live!?  What do you expect will be our key takeaways?

Bas: There are several really great sessions. We have several sessions on conversational interfaces. What can we use chatbots for, how can we use them for assessments and what are voice-assistants going to bring the world of recruitment? But I’m also really looking forward to learning how Specsavers, one of Europe’s biggest eye-care chains is building their talent pipeline or how Bonnier Broadcasting, a television network, gets an amazing 60% reply rate from developers on Emails.

How is it different from other HR Tech conferences?

Bas: I think we have two things combing in our event we don’t see that often. First of all, it’s all Pan-European speakers. Second, it’s not about showcasing the technology itself, rather about how to put this technology to action.

"hr tech" amsterdam "ta live" "he innovation"

HRTechnation: You wrote a book about the Future of Work, what is the message that’s important for you to get across to your readers?

Bas: I wrote several, in Dutch, though… My first one was called (R)evolution of work and I examined the way ‘fringe’ organizations are organizing their work and how this might become mainstream. Another is called ’10 jobs that will disappear and 10 jobs that will appear’ and that’s meant as a practical guide to the changing work we humans will be doing. The last one is called the societal impact of self driving cars and it examines everything from job loss (taxi- and truck drivers) to potential increased alcohol addiction since we don’t have to drive, we can drink and still not drive to house price changes.

The message in all my books is one: The world is transitioning. We have no idea how the future will look like, all we know it’s going to be significantly different from how our parents lived.

HRTechnation: And I hear another book is on the way…What’s this one about?

Bas:  Indeed! I’m writing a book, together with Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald, who’s also a speaker at TA-Live, on how to build an ideal team. Of course, it starts with the right setting, the right team culture. There is no question about that. But we’re exploring if you can improve on that with HR technology and superior processes. So if you have a culture that enables one to feel emotionally safe, can you improve by selecting a more diverse team? What assessment technology can help you with achieving that goal? And also very important, what type of people do you need for different stages in the project? And I’m very happy to say that two of these assessment technology companies are also presenting at TA-Live. For me this is such important technology.

HRTechnation: What is your personal take on the status of HR tech today? What do you regard as the main challenges today?

Bas:  HR tech is in transition. We are changing the function of HR Tech from supporting the process to supporting the decisions. Up until a few years ago, HR technology was making the process easier. Making sure payroll was on time and correct. Making sure every applicant got a rejection letter and making sending them easy. Now we are seeing technology helping us source, identifying candidates, selecting candidates, doing assessments, helping us make better judgments on who to hire, who to retain, who to develop and how best to help them develop.

The main challenge, as I see it, is to not embed the current bias in the algorithms that help us make the decisions. Let’s be very honest, we are all biased and that means our data is extremely biased. We need to put a system in place to question decisions and make sure they are not mirroring and implementing our biases, rather offering a way to adjust and improve.

HRTechnation: What’s your favorite HR Tech app and why?

Bas:  I love assessment technology. Both game-based as well as micro expressions and linguistic based assessments. All have different strengths and weaknesses. All rock. Because they help us improve, make less biased-driven decisions and enable us enormous potential to unlock hidden talents in people.

HRTechnation: Tell me something personal about you, that will wow us all….

Bas:  I lost 50 kilos (7,9 stone, 110 LBS) since I started working for myself.

HRTechnation: Wow! Thank you for your time, Bas, and good luck with TA-Live!


"Bas van haterd" "TA live" Amsterdam "HR Tech" "HR innovation"I’m an entrepreneur, blogger, author, professional speaker and consultant.
My areas of expertise: Recruitment & employer branding.
Founder of ‘Digitaal-Werven‘. Digitaal-Werven researches all the main employer websites on their digital recruiting experience.
I’m on the advisory board of a few start-ups and also the co-author of a book about personal branding (Dutch only), the new world of work (Dutch only), the (R)evolution of work (Available in English on Amazon) and 10 jobs that will disappear and appear (Dutch only). 


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