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I’m back from #UNLEASH in Amsterdam. Josh Bersin’s keynote was very impressive, but his user cases and his stats are mostly US centric. The startups were mostly from Europe. Other leaders in our industry are also mostly quoting US and European sources. The same situation echoes in the informative and active HR Tech related FB groups (I am generalizing a bit, but I am talking about the majority of members).

Why are the very active HR Tech ecosystems in the rest of the world not a part of the active conversation?
To address this situation, Artus de Longuemar and I are launching “futureHR.world”. To provide the conduit needed for bridging the gap between the US/European HR Tech market and the rest of the world, as well trying to bridge the gap between human resources and innovative solutions.
As I wrote after the previous #UNLEASH in London in May of this year, “It’s a jungle out there! ….. It’s messy, it’s overbearing, it’s noisy. You can’t see the forest for the trees. Constant need to separate the wheat from the chaff. Everyone wants a piece of it”.
Conclusion – Finding the right partners to drive HR innovation is hard.

"artus de longuemar" "lab RH" futureHR "hr tech" hrtech franceArtus de Longuemar, a Harvard graduate and aeronautical engineer, approached me a few months back. He is a serial entrepreneur and speaker with a decade of experience in transforming HR practices with Fortune 500 companies. He’s also served as a director at the 400 Startups HR Tech Ecosystem in France, and he’s the co-founder of two startup brands with autonomous governance. As such, he is well aware of the challenges an ecosystem faces.
I, too, constantly witness the challenges of HR Tech founders to break into new markets, the feeling of isolation in their local ecosystems and their need to share knowledge. I also witness how remote HR Tech markets, such as the South American, African, Japanese, Singaporean etc, are much less a part of and involved in the ongoing conversation in social media, mostly shaped by American and European leaders and influencers.
And a bit about me…I’m a public speaker, co-founder of HR Tech Nation, mentor in AKT Labs ( the first Israeli HR Tech Accelerator) and co-admin of the Israeli HR Tech Founders whatsapp group (incredible cooperation even between competitors), and more.

We both found common grounds in our passion to launch a veritable global HR Tech ecosystem wanting to work together to transform HR practices and help each other thrive.

futureHR ecosystem global marketplace community "hr tech" hrtech

We have decided to launch “futureHR.world”, which will deliver an ecosystem that will seamlessly allow for connections between HR practitioners, HR tech founders, digital transformation service providers, venture capitalists and anyone who loves and is into HR innovation. 

We believe in the creative and impact power of self-sustained ecosystems and we believe HR innovation can be much more effective when corporations, entrepreneurs, and investors, build solutions together.

Silo futureHR hrtech "hr tech"The platform we chose to launch futureHR is Silo (founder & CEO Moshik Raccah, SF, USA). Silo offers dynamic features such as an online marketplace where HRs in the market for innovative HR tech solutions can ask fro what they need and connect with startups, based on the information both of them provide about themselves, to ensure a more effective matching process. It will also offer an online community where users can share and ask about futureHR best practices through the platform’s dedicated reputation system, share news, ask for intros, as well as conduct webinars, which they can also share on social media.

It is very important for us to guide the “futureHR” team and the ecosystem according to the following values:
1.  Keeping it Simple – Connecting HR entrepreneurs with HR managers can be quick, safe, and reliable – both online and offline.
2.  Knowledge Sharing – Cultivating a culture of open innovation by nurturing cooperation and competition.
Autonomy, Trust & Friendship – Making an impact through a self-sustainable ecosystem, driven by well-intentioned members, creating solutions together.
4.  Keeping it “glocal” – Weaving together local innovation and global ideas to solve complex problems.
5.  Transparency – Keeping our ecosystem, business model, and actions visible to all to encourage creativity, trust, and responsibility.

It will surely take time and patience to scale the community. We ask for that grace period, while we will be investing our time to share our message everywhere and ask HRs from all around the world, HR tech founders, VCs and other relevant people to join this global ecosystem.

futureHR logo "hr tech" hrtech "karen Azulai" "artus de longuemar"

We invite you to go to futureHR.world and join us. On the website we ask you whether you are an HR Tech entrepreneur, HR professional or HR lover (meaning you are an HR enthusiast:-)). Accordingly, you will then receive an email with a link to a questionnaire, asking you about your needs and more info about you so that when you will be approached by someone, your needs and terms are out there. This way you will not waste time on irrelevant connections. You will also then receive a link to join the community on Silo.

We don’t want commissions on deals made through this marketplace. However, running this platform has costs associated with it. When the community and marketplace will reach an effective size and activity, we will ask for membership fees. However, those will be determined by yourself according to the value you feel you are getting from this community. In our pledge for transparency, we will always be open about that.
The first 200 members in each group (HR tech startups, HR/recruiting professionals, and HR professionals) will receive a FREE lifetime membership. This means that you can get involved in the community right away, share it with others, and witness the value of “glocal” innovation and the power of “co-opetition” (cooperation among competition).

kiva "hr tech" hrtech futureHR "karen Azulai" "artus de longuemar"It is very important for us to give back: We will be donating 20% of the membership proceeds to Kiva, a platform offering microloans to low-income entrepreneurs and students in 80+ countries. We also aim to support struggling HR Tech entrepreneurs, if you have know of HR tech startups in developing countries, please reach out to us!

Join us in our passion to help shape the future of HR and share this post with
anyone you think  will benefit from from “futureHR”. Thank you!
Feel free to write to us welcome@futurehr.world.


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