Top 6 HR Tech bloggers to follow on social networks


Why does one follow others on social media? Because they have a distinctive and uncompromising voice.
I am a non-conformist and I appreciate people who are not afraid to say what they think. I appreciate a strong voice and even if it happens that I don’t agree with what I read, I still respect them for saying it like (they think..) it is 😉

Trying to keep abreast of what’s going on in the HRtech market is a task (almost) doomed for failure. Tidal waves of information are threatening to drown me… A veritable Tsunami, on a daily basis. I am overwhelmed with newsletters and videos and podcasts and relevant social network feeds and groups and conferences…. The list of sources just goes on and on and grows by the minute!

HRTech has so much going on, on so many levels, in so many countries. To be able to get an idea of what’s going on in this industry, I have singled out several people that I first and foremost like to follow and read their almost every word.

This is my first list of top HRTech influencers to follow on social media, in no particular order.

George Larocque
George is the Principal Analyst & Founder of #HRWins, focused on users and developers of HR Technology.
The fact he has a background as a talent practitioner and as a technology vendor for some of the market’s largest brands enables him to have a unique point of view of the HRtech market.  His latest report “2018 Future of HR Technology Report” was a great read. Highly recommended!
Follow him on his Blog.

Bill Boorman

Bill is the Founder of #tru conferences, speaker, blogger and advisor. I am fortunate to know Bill in person and see him in action…It seems as if he is present in every HRtech event on the globe, sometimes in different places at the same time…😉 As a result, he has a vast knowledge in HRtech.  If you ever think you finally understood something, talking to Bill will prove to you that you have not…Whatever it is you think, he thinks exactly the opposite…Extremely challenging and I love that. What I particularly appreciate about him is his endless empathy and patience for new HRTech founders and giving them good advice. Follow him on all social networks for updates – That’s his playground.
Follow him on Twitter @BillBoorman

David Green
David  is a globally respected writer, speaker, conference chair and executive consultant on people analytics, data-driven HR and the Future of Work. It looks like everywhere you turn, there’s David! He is either writing somewhere or speaking somewhere 😊
Follow him on Twitter, his feed @david_green_uk is a goldmine! U can also follow him on


Hung Lee
Hung is the Co-founder & CEO at, a talent matching service for startups. He is a RELENTLESS blogger on social media, owner and publisher of the newsletter RecruitingBrainfood  Hung is a fresh voice in the HRTech community.
Follow his many posts on Linkedin and on Twitter @HungLee



Littal Shemer
Littal is a People Analytics Consultant, HR Data Strategist, Organizational Researcher.
People Analytics were a mystery to me, until I started reading Lital’s posts. She has such a great way to discuss this topic in her blog. If you too are baffled by People Analytics, these are the kind of questions you can answer: Where do top employees come from? How do top-performing employees engage? Who will leave the company and who will stay? How effective are gender and cultural diversities?
Follow her blog as well as her Twitter feed @Littalics


William Tincup

William is the President @RecruitingDaily. I was told by someone who tried talking to him during one of the HRTech conferences that it was an impossible mission…Everybody knows him, and everyone wants a piece of him…Just a few minutes to consult with him. He’s a speaker, advisor, consultant, investor as well as a writer. I particularly like his posts about 100+ HRTech and recruiting tools worth watching.
Follow him on Twitter @williamtincup

Feel free to connect with me anywhere on social media.
Drop me a note if you have any comments, compliments, complaints, want to share anything or just want to chat during the wee hours of the night…I am probably awake…


  1. Acreaty LLC says

    Thank you for giving this meaningful information. HR is not only about recruitment only. One can see and make contact with tech giants, CEOs and various designated people around the world.

  2. Lovepreet Dhaliwal says

    Thanks for sharing it. HR Tech industry is a vast spectrum with continuous strategic revolutions and bloggers help to spread those innovations all over.

  3. Alisson Kalel says

    Really good list!!

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